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Site Title

After three months of having this site up, sadly we had to make this page to keep viewers aware of the rude people out there in the game world.
Normally we will keep names and SN's private when logs are put up like the one below...but do to the nature of what was said, we felt the need to put him up for everyone to see...not to pick on him or get people to harass him, (DON'T EVER EVER DO THAT THATS A NO NO TOO!!!!) but merely to warn others what he is like. Of course it is ultimately up to you if you want to game with him..he just went about things the wrong way. Nonetheless we the webmasters will ignore him from now on. We don't think we need to explain why..the log should be enough.

We were waiting for Oloth Asanque to return from afk status..which is why were speaking ooc about the campaign in the first place and sitting there for a half hour saying nothing would have left lil interest!

This log was back in 2001.

OnlineHost: Elspeth Symrivin has entered the room.
Xullrae Zauviir:
(the unstobble beserker...mmm yes see I told ya I have good ideas)
Xullrae Zauviir: (oloth where are you..)
Dms r us1: (hey lun mun)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( well, berserker, weapon master, ex-monk to be exact :) )
Veszaun Auvryath: ( don't forget a few levels of Devoted Defender)
Elspeth Symrivin: (hello and why would there be a drow with red hair?)
Dms r us1: (hair dye?..)
NiarElemental: ((thatll work))
NiarElemental: ((they just invented it!))
Dms r us1: (don't be so critical..)
Elspeth Symrivin: (its crap and doesnt fit the drow)
Xullrae Zauviir: (yes they do and it's not nice to start pickin')
Dms r us1: (hey look.. thats one of the reasons I used to get ticked lun mun...)
Elspeth Symrivin: (picking? you use a race you better know what they would do)
Dms r us1: (Purple eyes worked for Drizzt... but they arnt a natural color... so what.. red hair...)
Elspeth Symrivin: (actually purple is a natural drow color)
Elspeth Symrivin: (each eye color symbolizes something)
Dms r us1: (*hasn't heard of it before or sence..*)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( eh, look in the Drow of the Underdark book...Drow are allowed to have red hair, and it's all natural)
Xullrae Zauviir: (it's rare read the books and game guides)
Elspeth Symrivin: (i have it right here and i am looking at it now and woops, nope, not here)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( hang on, I'll get you the page number)
Dms r us1: (now look... you come in and criticize people... )
OnlineHost: VSamanthaSparkV has entered the room.
Elspeth Symrivin:
(critizing them from stealing ideals and not even playing them correctly)
Dms r us1: (the world is diverse... there's albino people IRL.. why can't a drow have red hair?)
Elspeth Symrivin: (drow are cursed)
Elspeth Symrivin: (they are born that way)
Elspeth Symrivin: (each feature represents what happened)
Elspeth Symrivin: (the white represents the spiders taint)
Elspeth Symrivin: (the dark represents the banishing)
Dms r us1: (*shakes head* I can't argue... cause I don't know about it...)
Elspeth Symrivin: (their eye colors symbolize their inner traits)
Dms r us1: (I guess yer just to superior of an RPer for this room then..arn't ya?)
Elspeth Symrivin: (gold is power, red is hatred, purple is nobility)
VSamanthaSparkV: ::a sleek slow pace was that carrying the leather clad femme down the darkened path. Thudded pit-patters of thigh high leather boots sounded promptly accompanied by the low moan of leather encased thighs with each step.::
VSamanthaSparkV: ::a small gloved hand was then extended out and up to quickly wisp a strand of stray raven hair from becoming a further distraction to ther view this eve, tucking it snuggly behind her ear.::
Xullrae Zauviir: (all I have to say is get over yourself and let us play no need to be judgemental goodness..say what you want I'm still playing my char and her looks so deal with it)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( page 5, under Drow build)
Elspeth Symrivin: (yet page 5 is an intro)
Elspeth Symrivin: (and it talks not about their hair)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( ::and he quoteth from the Good Book:: Rare drow have naturally silver or copper-hued hair, although there are those who deliberately dye their hair silver (see the chapter on Drow Religion, under "Eilistraee"). )
Veszaun Auvryath: (Exactly what the page in this here book says)
Elspeth Symrivin: (and yet you defy TSR because none of their books has such)
Elspeth Symrivin: (yet if you turn to the non human diety books)
Elspeth Symrivin: (you will also see the stats of priest)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( do I have to scan it and send you a copy?)
Elspeth Symrivin:(all saying normal drow)
VSamanthaSparkV: ::Twin emerald occulars each identically rimmed with a viel of lush lashes flickered softly within thier confines upon her flawless bronzed visage, keeping close watch for a large root inorder not to fall::
Xullrae Zauviir: (and thank you mike..but no need to argue with a pompus child who likes to try and get under folks skin)
Elspeth Symrivin: (no special characteristics)
Elspeth Symrivin: (except for their ceremonial garb which is nothing)
OlothAsanque: ((backbackbackbackbackback!!))
OnlineHost: VSamanthaSparkV has left the room.
Xullrae Zauviir:
(he does not exist as far as I'm concerned so he can rant and rave all he likes..peoples opinion vary but I know what the books say..if he wants to write the company to prove us wrong let him do it)
Xullrae Zauviir: (wb shall we continue everyone?)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( I still say I can just scan it and send it to anyone that really cares)
OlothAsanque: (and yes, there is a drow character in Elaine cunninghan's Books that has Red hair))
OlothAsanque: ((if thats what we are arguing..))
Veszaun Auvryath: ( thank you)
Xullrae Zauviir: (god bless you oloth...)
OlothAsanque: ( :) ))
Veszaun Auvryath: ( heh heh )
Elspeth Symrivin: (and which book are you making up oloth?)
Elspeth Symrivin: (because there are none)
Elspeth Symrivin: (none of the forgotten realm's authors would change from the original design)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( you are really grasping now)
OlothAsanque: ((*sigh*))
Elspeth Symrivin: (not at all, Ed Greenwood created the world)
Elspeth Symrivin: (they comform to him)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( aye, that he did)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( and they only conform so far, read up bub)
OlothAsanque: ((Daughter of the drow))
Elspeth Symrivin: (the info is already there and the reasons are there for it)
Dms r us1: (he is always like this.. please click his arse... I've known him a long time.. he gets depressive.. and starts complaining when the world doesn't fit his 2nd editon AD&D standerds...)
Elspeth Symrivin: (daughter of a drow was a lawful neutral character)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( Yeah, the info is sittin right next to me, want that scanned copy or not?)
Elspeth Symrivin: (you mean your lying crap?)
Elspeth Symrivin: (i have the books)
OlothAsanque: (( whats that got to do with it?))
Veszaun Auvryath: ( and yeah, what the hell does that have to do with red hair?)
Xullrae Zauviir: (just never mind I said Iím playing her get on with your life please you picky person)
Elspeth Symrivin: (the characters all have traits for a reason)
Elspeth Symrivin: (to give drow red hair naturally is not in character)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( and you should check into the local clinic for a reaon)
Elspeth Symrivin: (to have hair dye is false)
Xullrae Zauviir: (I'm not changing her so YOU can be happy)
Elspeth Symrivin: (they would not have such)
Elspeth Symrivin: (you have a bad rp character)
Veszaun Auvryath: *reason
Elspeth Symrivin: (that shows you are a bad rper)
Elspeth Symrivin: (you have no ability to rp for you can not fit simple roles already made)
Xullrae Zauviir: (why cause you say so?)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( opnions vary bub, she's gotten quite a few compliments on Xull)
Elspeth Symrivin: (you stole ideas from other people and changed them with out their consent)
Elspeth Symrivin: (pathetic, truly pathetic)
Xullrae Zauviir: (don't need their consent)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( read into the fine print bub, ya can change any of the rules ya want, not that we did,with the red hair thing...yeah, that's what i'm sayin, yer pathetic)
Dms r us1: (I just TOSed him like shoulda done a long time ago... he harrasses me... thats one of the reasons I am always on invis)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( ahh, gotcha Dms, thankee)
Xullrae Zauviir: (the rules can be changed to fit a players need)
Elspeth Symrivin: (the rules being changed shows a poor player and a poor gm)
Elspeth Symrivin: (if you can not comform why bother playing?)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( says you...go take yer happy pills already)
Elspeth Symrivin: (pathetic)
Xullrae Zauviir: (like I said before shall we continue?)
Dms r us1: (GUYS.. CLICK HIM.. He is starting trouble like he always does)
OlothAsanque: ((ELAINE CUNNINGHAM - PAGE 152 CHAPTER 11 - A character by the name of Nysstyre has Copper-colored hair))
Dms r us1: (put him on ignore.. he's not worth wasteing time over because he ignores all insults and keeps insulting)
OlothAsanque: ((Either buy the god damned book and see for yourself or shut up))
Elspeth Symrivin: (and which book are you creating now oloth mun?)
Dms r us1: (he ignores EVERYTHING)
Elspeth Symrivin: (there were three books)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( ::grumbles, biting his tongue:: aaaaaaaalright ::click::....and thank you yet again Oloth mun....okay, clicky click)
Elspeth Symrivin: (they only contained two families of drow)
OlothAsanque: ((the first one.....))
Elspeth Symrivin: (all of their families and members are written out in the menzo box set)
NiarElemental: ((...which one im confused))
Elspeth Symrivin: (none have non standard features)
Dms r us1: (*click*)
OlothAsanque: ((Nysstyre is a merchant of the Dragon horde band, he belongs to no house))
Dms r us1: (Oloth.. please.. I've known him for years... he WILL NOT LISTEN TO ANY OPPINION BESIDES HIS OWN)
OlothAsanque: (( and yes..Elaine is a real author..*shuts up*))
Veszaun Auvryath: ( hehe)
Elspeth Symrivin: (dms, there is no opinion, only fact and your "friends" pathetic attempts to make themselves
Elspeth Symrivin: feel better about stealing characters and ruining them)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( who stole a char, ya nitwit?)
Elspeth Symrivin: (changing their basic concepts without prior approval)
Dms r us1: (*finaly ignores him after all these years*)
Elspeth Symrivin: (did you create drow?)
Elspeth Symrivin: (no)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( did you? no)
Xullrae Zauviir: (neither did ed greenwood)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( so shut the friggin hell up...and go take them happy pills)
Dms r us1: (alright.. whats up guys?)
Dms r us1: (Veszaun.. double click his name... and click the check mark on ignore member...)
Dms r us1: (he won't stop.. he won't take his pills.. if he is still talking.. just ignore him)
Xullrae Zauviir: (is everybody calmded down now?)
Dms r us1: (yes lol)
Elspeth Symrivin: (actually I am an approved GM of the WotC DCI branch, I work their Duelist Convocations, I am member number 20731 of
Elspeth Symrivin: the DCI branch)
OlothAsanque: ((*clickityclickclick*))
Veszaun Auvryath: ( yeah, Ed took them from Mythology books, and did what HE wanted to with them, so neener..okay, I'll actually click this time)
Elspeth Symrivin: (I have met Ed Green wood)
Elspeth Symrivin: (drow were not from mythology)
Xullrae Zauviir: (and no worries I won't be changing Xull hehe)
Elspeth Symrivin: (they were created once the elven pantheon was)
Elspeth Symrivin: (each race has an evil off branch)
Dms r us1: *Din'its... an ORIGIONAL character... sitting up in the tree...rotates his ring of invisability... hideing himself again...*
Veszaun Auvryath: ( yes, they were, want me to quote the dragon magazine that bit of info was from?)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( i'll go look it up if ya really want me to)
OlothAsanque: ((actually there is a tale in ancient ireland of the drow..but not as they are written today..))
Elspeth Symrivin: (ireland?)
Elspeth Symrivin: (no)
Elspeth Symrivin: (they had the "fae")
Xullrae Zauviir: (yes)
Elspeth Symrivin: (who were fairies)
OlothAsanque: (( *smacks his head))
Veszaun Auvryath: ( EXACTLY...the mythological Drow are not the same as Greenwoods version)
OlothAsanque: (( the Fae are the elven folk))
Elspeth Symrivin: (fae are not elves)
Elspeth Symrivin: (elves come from norse and pict mythology)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( oh yeah ::Click::)
OlothAsanque: ((oh my god he's and idiot )
Dms r us1: (*gently... SHOVES EVERYONE tumbling IC! * lol)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( so do Drow, nitwit)
Xullrae Zauviir: (where were we DM?)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( hell if I know....)
OlothAsanque: ((I think I was giving Xull a massage))
Xullrae Zauviir: (ummm in the trees were would be attackers?)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( heh, yeah, that's it)
Dms r us1: (forest.. guys were sneaking up.. Din'its the were-rat sorcerer is in the tree)
Dms r us1: (and... thats it..)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( heh, yeah, gonna beat the other guys to the punchline, thank you)
Veszaun Auvryath: ( okay, so like Vesz dies, and it's over, cause Xull then dies from depression)
Dms r us1: (lol)
Xullrae Zauviir: (^_^)
OlothAsanque: ::he draws his sword, leaning in close to Xullrae, waiting for some sort of command, or sign that he should attack::
OnlineHost: Elspeth Symrivin has left the room.
Veszaun Auvryath: (::chuckles and jumps back IC)

After this incident occured, I, (xull'rae's mun) had to do extensive research on this matter with the DM's help so this ridiculous subject does not come up again. If you read carefully to what oloth and vesz'aun muns were saying about coppery headed drow they were quite correct. Though it is to my dismay that I am not totally originally as I thought I once was (with the coppery colered hair and the amber hued eyes combination)but the white streak part was my own lil twist..straying from the topic though.
If you have the "Skullport" gaming accessory (yes it's a book=gaming guide) turn to page 77..see the name Amryyr Yauntyrr..read his description and you'll see what I mean.
So saying I don't want to hear any other mess about my char being non drow..come see how I play her. She doesn't like the fact she looks so odd either..thats also evident on the page I made with her info on it.

Well the day has finally come for me (Xull's mun) again to post do's and don'ts. Since I started RPing online almost 8 years ago, there has been the cyber factor. You know sexual conduct online. Well I've been there done that will most of my chars my chars except this one and one other which has no relevance right now.
Since I created Xull in July 2001 I have come close to it. Well a big argument between Mike and I stopped that and in December 2001 I put this in my profile (NO I don't CYBER I RP if cybers what you are looking for when you IM or RP in rooms then then go the f*ck away got it?)
I had thought this straight forward but apparently it is not. So it is here I will elaborate in detail..with of course a conversation I had to go with it.
Xull'rae is a drow, they are sexually explicit at times, of THAT I am aware but drow are also CRUEL and malicious unless they are of the good. Now Xull is young so she is just beginning to explore that area that I will admit. However she is choosy of her males..yes thatís right she is a female and therefore will choose who she screws ok? Plus most drow will not mate outside their race or for love SO DON'T BOTHER TRYING WITH HER!
The mun does not cyber it gets no where but MORE cybering and THAT gets boring. If by any chance you want to have a baby by Xull..fine cool..but in rooms or in IM's I will not go into frikin' detail about what went on between the two. You'll get something along the lines of she undressed, kissed him and they spent the day night whatever in bliss blah blah. THAT'S ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID ANYWAY IN MY OPINION don't like it then don't try to fuck Xull..it's simple really.
I roleplay, not cyber sex. I have plenty of people who understand that and are cool with it. Frankly I don't care if you think I'm square or an idiot. This is not a rule but a moral and a fact. If you IM me saying you are wearing scanty stuff or nothing...or look at Xull's boobs and want to touch her
1. Xull will dismember you
2. Xull will kill you
3. I will then tell you in MUN I don't cyber
4. if you persist or get pissy in mun I will simply ignore you.
5. if you continue to pester me about it I will block you

In October 2002 was a fine example of how I tell folks I don't cyber. If you find it controversial fine thatís your opinion and I'm a bitch but oh well..trust me I'll live through your insult. The point is I agreed to his terms but our IM's overlapped and he got pissy even though I grudgingly decided to trust him..name calling is a bit unattractive though. In all honesty it wasn't my intention to upset him and I think he would have made a good player but oh well..me thinks he doesn't want to speak me anymore and I fully take the blame for my attitude was a bit out of line. :-(

Serge as Lynx: ((Hello? I hope I'm not buggin' you too much))
Xullrae Zauviir: (hello..no ^_^ do I know you..?)
Serge as Lynx: ((No, but you threatened me quite a few times...))
Xullrae Zauviir: (I don't threaten in mun dear just in char but I don't see how xull can threaten if I or she doesn't know you..so clarify)
Serge as Lynx: Heh. I pressed down the little scrolly ball thing to navigate your website. For some reason it reads that the same was as right clicking
Serge as Lynx: So HA!
Xullrae Zauviir: hehe yeah I disabled the right click cause I'm tired of folks stealing pics and such ^_^
Serge as Lynx: Ah. Well despite my lack of profile, I'm lookin' for a good RP.
Xullrae Zauviir: play drow no cyber?
Xullrae Zauviir: don't have a preference really but I mean the no cyber thing
Serge as Lynx: Huh?
Xullrae Zauviir: cyber sex is a no go when I RP
Serge as Lynx: :-P Why's that?
Xullrae Zauviir: because it goes nowhere it's boring and pointless with my char and I have a bpyfriend and I truly enjoy the real thing
Serge as Lynx: ::Shrug:: Agreed. Although I can't say I'm too sexually driven to begin with.
Xullrae Zauviir: well then look for other gamers then my dear I don't do that thing sorry ^_^ Serge as Lynx: Um...
Serge as Lynx: Did you even read what I said, or did you just not understand it?
Serge as Lynx: If you didn't understand what I said, you can just admit it.
Xullrae Zauviir: I did and don't trust easy 3 guys have said what you just did in the past and still tried to pull the cyber thing on me
Serge as Lynx: So...
Serge as Lynx: What you're saying is that you're not looking for cyber sex, but if I agree to those terms, you wont trust me.
Serge as Lynx: Congratulations. You're officially far too much of an idiot to RP with me. Have a good day.
Xullrae Zauviir: I guess I'll have to trust you but I'm gone if ya slip ^_~
Xullrae Zauviir: fine with me dear
Serge as Lynx: Ta.
Xullrae Zauviir: bye

Xull is pretty and she is built rather nice in the way of the body what drow isn't? Yes she can be a flirt and tempting but it's the "look don't touch" gimmick..get over it.

Page Last Updated March 4th, 2005


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