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The following Feats are open to all psionically able characters unless otherwise stated. If you wish to select more than your normal allotment of Feats, then visit the General Flaws page in order to "purchase" Flaws that will allow for you to select more Feats.

Body Fuel
(PRE: Inner Strength, Talented)
You can expand your PSP total temporarily by "burning" physical ability score points (STR, CON, DEX). For every ability score point burnt, you gain 2d6 temporary PSP's. These additional PSP's last until used, and the ability score points recover at the normal Temporary ability score damage rate.

Combat Manifestation
You get a +4 bonus on Concentration checks while using psionics on the defensive.

Deep Impact
(PRE: STR 13+, Power Attack, Psionic Weapon, Base Attack Bonus 3+)
Basically, you can expend PSP's to allow you to ignore Armor when attacking with a melee weapon. By spending 25 PSP's, your next attack will ignore a targets Armor when determining their AC. This charge will last a maximum number of rounds equal to your Strenght Modifier +1. If not expended before then, you lose the charge.

Disarm Mind
(PRE: CHA 13+, Mental Adversary)
You can directly deplete your foes PSP total with psionic attacks. For an extra cost of 15 PSP's, you can deplete a number of PSP's from your opponent equal to 4 X your Charisma modifier on any attack that deals 1 or more points of Ability/STAT damage, after accounting for your opponent’s mental hardness. You decide whether or not to pay the extra cost after discovering the failure or success of your psionic attack to deal ability damage.

Fell Shot
(PRE: DEX 13+, Point Blank Shot, Psionic Shot, Base Attack Bonus 3+)
By expending an extra 25 PSP's, you can charge your ranged weapon in such a manner that it ignores Armor and Natural Armor when determining the targets AC. This charge lasts until your next ranged attack, or a maximum number of rounds equal to your DEX modifier +1. If the attack misses, or the time runs out, the charge is wasted.

Great Sunder
(PRE: STR 13+, Power Attack, Sunder, Reserve PSP's 5+)
When you strike at an opponent’s weapon, you ignore half the weapons total hardness (round off). Total Hardness includes any magical or psionic enhancements possessed by the weapon that would normally add to it's hardness. However, to strike and do any damage to a magically or psionically hardened weapon, you still need a weapon of equal or better enhancement.
You can also sense the stress points in any hard construction, such as wooden doors and stone walls, and can ignore half of the objects total hardness when attacking that object.

Greater Power Penetration
(PRE: Power Penetration)
You get a +4 bonus on manifester level checks to beat a creature’s power resistance. This overlaps the bonus from Power Penetration.

Greater Psionic Focus
(PRE: Psionic Focus)
Add +4 to the DC for all saves against powers from the selected Discipline. This bonus overlaps the bonus from Psionic Focus. This may be taken multiple times, each time taken for a new Discipline.

Inertial Armor
(PRE: Reserve PSP's 5+)
While you retain 5 or more PSP's, your mind automatically generates a tangible field of force around your body that provides a +4 bonus to AC. Unlike mundane armor, Inertial Armor entails no armor check penalty or speed reduction. Because inertial armor is composed of psychokinetic force, incorporeal creatures can't bypass it the way they do with normal armor. Your inertial armor can be invisible or colored to a faint glow of your choice.

Inner Strength
You gain 10 extra permanent PSP's. This may be taken multiple times, once per class level advancement, and each time it confers five more PSP's than the previous time it was selected (i.e. the first time it's 10 PSP's, the second time it's 15 PSP's, the third it's 20 PSP's, etc).

Mental Adversary
(PRE: CHA 13+)
You deal +1 Ability score damage on a successful psionic attack. It costs an extra 15 PSP's to use this power. You decide whether to pay the extra cost after the save has been made. You can take this multiple times, and stack the bonus, but each time the incremental cost to use goes up by 40 PSP's (i.e. to get a +2 bonus, you would spend 5 more Character Points to buy the power again, and it would cost you 55 PSP's to use. You may always use a lower bonus than you are able to).

Mental Leap
(PRE: STR 13+, 6 ranks of Jump skill, reserved PSP's 15+)
You can make amazing jumps, doubling your normal distance. This may be taken multiple times, each time increasing by another multiple, but your PSP reserves must be higher also: For 3 times distance, you need 55 PSP's reserved, adding an additional 40 to the cost for each multiplier factor.

(PRE: Item creation Feat)
Each time you take this option, choose one item creation feat you know (psionic item, of course). When determining your cost in XP and raw materials for creating items with this feat, reduce the cost to only 75% of normal. This may be taken multiple times, each time selecting a new Psionic Item creation Feat.

Mind Trap
(PRE: Psionic Bastion)
You deplete a number of PSP's equal to 10 + your Charisma modifier from your attacking opponent on any psionic attack that deals 1 or more points of ability score damage to you. To do so, you must pay an additional 15 PSP's above the psionic defense you are using. You decide whether or not to pay the extra points after the save is resolved.

Power Penetration
Your powers are especially potent--you gain a +2 bonus on manifester level checks to beat a creatures power resistance.

Power Touch
(PRE: STR 13+, Psionic Fist)
You can make attacks of opportunity with any power you know that has a range of touch, if you have at least one hand free. Using this costs an additional 10 PSP's.

Psionic Charge
(PRE: WIS 13+, Speed of Thought, Reserved PSP's 15+)
When taking a charge action in combat, you may elect to take a number of turns equal to your DEX modifier. No turn can be greater than 90 degrees.

Psionic Dodge
(PRE: DEX 13+, Dodge, Reserve PSP's 25+)
During your action, you designate an opponent. Against that opponent, you gain +1 dodge bonus to AC. This may stack with the normal Dodge bonus, or be used on a second opponent.

Psionic Fist
(PRE: STR 13+)
By expending 5 PSP's, you can add +1 hit point of damage per class level to unarmed attacks.

Psionic Focus
Your powers within your primary discipline have +2 added to the DC to resist. This may be taken multiple times, each time gaining the bonus to another discipline.

Psionic Metabolism
(PRE: CON 13+, Rapid Metabolism)
You can heal 1 hit point for the cost of 5 PSP's. This process takes an hour, after which you can use it again.

Psionic Shot
(PRE: DEX 13+, Point Blank Shot)
You can charge your ranged weapon with more damage. Gain an additional +1 point of damage per level by expending 5 PSP's. Your arrow, bolt, or whatever stays charged for a maximum of 1 round per STR modifier point + 1, or until discharged, whichever comes first.

Psionic Weapon
(PRE: STR 13+, Power Attack)
Your melee weapon deals +1 hit point of damage per class level when you expend 5 PSP's to do so. Your weapon stays charged for a maximum number of rounds equal to your STR modifier +1, or until discharged, whichever comes first.

Psychic Bastion
You gain a +1 mental hardness against a foes successful psionic attack by expending 15 PSP's. You decide whether or not to pay the cost after determining failure or success of the attack against you. You may take this multiple times, and stack the bonuses, but each time you manifest it, the higher bonus costs what the previous modifier did + 40 PSP's (i.e. +1 bonus costs 15, +2 bonus costs 55, etc).

Psychic Inquisitor
(PRE: CHA 13+, Psychoanalyst)
When a living humanoid lies directly to you, you perceive it. You detect a maximum number of lies per conversation equal to your CHA modifier. A conversation with an individual, once concluded, may not be renewed with Psychic Inquisitor active for a period of 8 hours. You decide when, or if, to initiate this ability during a conversation.

(PRE: CHA 13+)
Your knowledge of the mind gives you influence with others. You get a +2 bonus on all Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate Checks against living humanoids of INT 4+. You get the same bonus on CHA checks used to influence or interact with living humanoids having an Intelligence score of 4+.

Rapid Metabolism
(PRE: CON 13+)
You naturally heal a number of points per day of rest equal to your CON modifier in addition to the normal rate.

Return Shot
(PRE: DEX 13+, Point Blank Shot, Psionic Shot, Reserved PSP's 25+)
Once per round when you would normally be hit with a ranged weapon, you may make a Reflex save (DC 20; if the ranged weapon has an enhancement bonus to attack, add that to the DC). If you succeed, you snatch the ranged weapon. You must be aware of the attack and not flat footed, and you cannot already have acted in the round. You may only use this feat once on any given round. Snatching a ranged weapon or ammunition counts as a free action. If you successfully retrieve a bolt, arrow, or bullet, you can load and fire it back at your opponent if you hold the appropriate weapon. If you throw back a knife or spear type weapon, it is also a free action. You make the return attack at a bonus equal to half your foe's ranged attack bonus + your full ranged attack bonus (plus specialization in said weapon if you have it). Exceptional ranged attack weapons, such as a boulder thrown by a giant, cannot be snatched for obvious reasons.
If you also have the Deflect Arrows feat, you make the return attack using your foes full attack bonus instead of half.

Speed Of Thought
(PRE: WIS 13+, Reserve PSP's 5+)
You move exceptionally fast. You can take this option multiple times, each time gaining an extra 10 feet of base movement per round. However, your PSP reserve must be 20 higher for each increment above the first ten feet to be usable.

Stand Still
(PRE: STR 13+, Reserve PSP's 5+)
You can prevent foes from fleeing or closing in. When a foes movement would otherwise grant you an attack of opportunity, you may give up that attack and instead attack your foe prior to your foe's actual movement. This is akin to a readied action, but Stand Still doesn't affect the Initiative count or actual readied actions, if any. The foe must succeed at a Fortitude save against a DC equal to 10 + the damage you deal, or be unable to move into or out of the area you threaten--essentially, this ends the movement of a foe who is closing in, and prevents any movement of a foe who is fleeing (if you are normally allowed an attack of opportunity against the fleeing foe). Since you sue the Stand Still feat in place of your attack of opportunity, you may only do so in a number of times per round equal to the number of times you can make an attack of opportunity (normally just one without certain other combat maneuvers).

(PRE: Inner Strength)
You can manifest three more 0 Level psionic powers per day for free than normal.

Trigger Power
(PRE: Inner Strength, Talented, Reserve PSP's-varies, see below)
You choose one power that you can attempt to manifest for free. Choose any 0, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level power that you know. From now on, you can choose to trigger that power without paying it's cost. To trigger a power in this manner, you must first satisfy the requirement of a PSP reserve equal to or greater than it would normally cost you to manifest that power. Then, make an ability check for the powers discipline. If you meet or exceed the DC (See below), the power is manifested normally with no cost. If you fail the check, you are forced to pay it's cost, but the power is still manifested normally. You can't use Trigger Power in conjunction with psionic attack or defense modes.
DC's for the ability checks are determined by level: 0 level=11; 1st level=13; 2nd level=15; 3rd level=17. This option may be taken multiple times, each time taking it for a new power.

Unavoidable Strike
(PRE: STR 13+, Psionic Fist, Base Attack Bonus 3+)
If you pay 25 PSP's while making an unarmed attack, you effectively ignore your foes Armor when determining the attack. This includes Natural Armor. This "charge" lasts a maximum number of rounds equal to your STR modifier + 1, or until discharged, whichever comes first.

Up the Walls
(PRE: WIS 13+, Speed of Thought, Psionic Charge, Reserve PSP's 25+)
You can take part of one of your move actions on a wall if you begin and end your move on a horizontal surface. The height you can achieve on the wall is limited only by this movement restriction. If you do not end your move on a horizontal surface, you fall prone, taking damage appropriate to the height. Treat the wall as a normal floor for the purposes of measuring your movement. Passing the boundary between horizontal and vertical surfaces is equivalent to five feet of your movement. Opponents on the floor still get attacks of opportunity as you move up the wall within areas they threaten.
You can take other move actions in conjunction with moving on a wall. For instance, the Spring Attack option allows you to make your attack from the wall against a foe standing on the floor that is within the area you threaten. However, if you are somehow prevented from completing your move, you fall. Likewise, you could tumble along the wall to avoid attacks of opportunity.

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