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You like big, complicated plots, the more the convoluted, the better. In fact, sometimes your schemes are so hard to grasp that your minions screw them up entirely. It's so hard to find good help these days.
Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to prevent you from doing things the easy way. It's not enough to kill an enemy; you have to lower him into a deadly maze, complete with lethal traps.

Scornful Demeanor [Tragic]
Idiots. No matter where you go you're surrounded by idiots, weaklings, and fools.
PRE: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Wisdom 19+
Your character has such superior inherent ability that he is impatient and scornful of thos less capable. He cannot help but let his disdain seep into his every word and deed. Make a DC 25 Will save when your character uses a skill to communicate with someone (e.g. Bluff, Diplomacy, etc). If the save fails, the GM treats the attempt as an Intimidate check, regardless of your character's actual intention.

Whether from damage to your nerves, or simply having a constant nervous streak, your hands tend to tremble at all times. In game terms, this causes you to suffer a -6 penalty on all ranged attack rolls.

Short Attention Span
You have little patience, causing you to have difficulty concentrating on repetitive tasks.
You suffer a -2 penalty on all skill checks made to retry an action that you previously failed. This penalty is cumulative, increasing by -2 for every failed attempt. In addition, you may not take 20 on any skill checks.

Short Temper
You become angry and flustered under stressful circumstances.
If your character is frustrated, injured, or subjected to ridicule (DM's discretion), you must make a DC 20 Will save or become enraged. While enraged, you suffer a -2 penalty to your Armor Class and you cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except for Balance, Escape Artist, Intimidate, and Ride), the Concentration skill, or any abilities that require patience or concentration
You cannot cast spells or activate magic items that require a command word, spell trigger, or spell completion to function. You can use any feat you possess except Combat Expertise, item creation feats, and metamagic feats.
This enraged state lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3+ your CON modifier and cannot be ended prematurely. This penalty stacks with those from the use of the barbarian rage ability.

Short Winded
You have limited stamina and you easily become exhausted by physical tasks.
PRE: Constitution 13 or lower
Whenever you make a Strength check, a Constitution check to continue running, or use the skills Climb, Jump, or Swim, you must make a Fortitude save at the same DC as the skill or ability check. If you fail this save, you become Fatigued. If you are already Fatigued, you instead become Exhausted.

You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and you try to avoid social situations whenever possible. All rolls concerned with social dealings are made with a -4 penalty, and any roll your character makes while being the center of attention is made at a -8 penalty. Don't expect to make any public speeches.

Due to a birth defect of some sort, usually in the form of a lame leg or legs, you move exceptionally slowly. Your base land speed is halved (round down to the nearest 5 foot interval).
As you were born this way, it cannot be healed by any means short of a Wish or Miracle.

Slow Healing
You do not heal quickly.
PRE: CON 13 or lower
You do not normally recover hit points or temporary ability damage through natural healing. If you undergo complete bed rest for a full day, you may recover either 1 hit point or 1 point of temporary ability damage.
In addition, any conjuration (healing) spell cast upon you only works at half it's caster level. For example, a Cure Moderate Wounds cast on you by an 8th level cleric would only heal 2d8+4 points of damage, instead of 2d8+8.

You don't want anyone's blood on your hands. It's perfectly okay to get blood on your underling's hands, but you don't like to do the deed yourself. Of course, you don't always follow up on things to make sure the job actually gets done--after all, the sight of blood has always disturbed you.
Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to get you to pawn off the task of killing someone on a minion, then leave before the deed is actually done.

You keep falling in love with the wrong people. You're the common soldier who falls in love with the king's daughter at first sight, or the hero who falls for the villain's daughter without knowing who she is.
Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to shoot you with cupid's arrow yet again. This tends to leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake, not to mention a retinue of angered and concerned third parties.

Stubby Fingers
You have short, stubby fingers which are not well suited for grasping.
You suffer a -4 penalty on all attack rolls made when you use a light or one-handed weapon (natural weapons do not incur this penalty). In addition, you suffer a -4 penalty on all Disable Device, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, and Use Rope checks.
As you were born this way, it cannot be healed by any means short of a Wish or Miracle.

You don't change your mind very often, if at all. Once you've decided on a course of action, you follow through no matter what. Attempts to convince you that you are wrong roll off your back with no effect.
Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to prevent you from changing your mind.
In addition, you suffer a -4 penalty on social interactions dealing with haggling or bargaining of any sort. When you want a certain price, you don't tend to be willing to sway on it.

You have a problem keeping your plans to yourself. Your ideas are simply so clever that you tell them to other people, so that you can watch their astonishment creep across their faces just before they tell you just how smart you are. The DM can activate your flaw in order to get you to reveal your evil scheme to the wrong people. There's nothing to prevent you from dropping them into a deathtrap afterwards, but should they survive, then you've got problems.
Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to get you to tell them your evil scheme.

This disadvantage comes up whenever you try to discuss anything of importance and relay pressing information and such. You have the tendency to incorrectly state facts, forget or mix up names, and generally say the wrong thing. At DM's discretion, you can suffer a -4 penalty on social interactions.

You don't like to believe that other people are capable of misleading and lying to you. After all, people are basically good, right?.
Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to quell any doubts you may have about another person. In addition, anyone attempting to persuade you via the Bluff or Diplomacy skill gains a +4 bonus to the attempt.

You are particularly slow at reacting to danger and other stimuli. As such, you suffer a -6 penalty on all Initiative checks.

You are not very good at defending yourself and moving out of harm's way. In game terms, you suffer a constant -4 penalty to your Armor Class and to all Reflex saves.

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